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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Learn how to process your translation and revision work critically and constructively

My new upcoming online training course (short course) ....!
To be facilitated on

Here is the course description:

Experienced translators may do their translations intuitively and quickly than a novice or student translator. However, it is not often that translators may find the appropriate jargon and words to use to justify their choices or write conscious and justified comments in their revised or translated assignments? A professional (translator or reviser) may be asked by clients or colleagues at work to do so. Hence, it seems a valid point to add the critical thinking issue to translator competence.

Besides, having that ability may enhance professional status and earn you respect since you become a thinker as well as negotiator and text engineer. This course will take you to that stage and guide you through to think critically when you process your translation, do post-editing or revision work.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course students/participants will be able to :

Identify and judge critically the text typologies in English and Arabic and problems that may arise in the translation process due to conventions of those texts and other contextual factors in both languages;
Write in the proper genre and style of the text you translate into;
Justify your choices in translating the text (for yourself and for others if you were asked to). Your choice remains relative, since nothing is absolute in the real world. This means that there are always many answers to the same problem...
Revise consciously and constructively the translations or assignments you have been given based on insights from both theory and practice.

The link to the course/workshop..
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