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Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Portsmouth Confrence Highlights on Translator Education and Training

Finally, Julie McDonough (Lecturer at York university) had placed in her Blog the main outcomes of the 21st century new innovative knowledge that was discussed at the confrence. I was waiting for that ..!

I quite liked Julie's choice of TOPICS and presentations:

'' one by Justyna Giczela-Pawtwa on how relevant undergraduate and graduate translation students consider translation theory, another by Akiko Sakamoto, who spoke about the positive and negative experiences of offering optional online translation workshops to students at the University of Leicester, and a final one by Agata Sadza, who spoke about developing a project management course for students at London Metropolitan University.''

I think these three elements in translation programmes are very very innovative insights that are congruents with 21st requirements for translator education and training. There is a need to design research based Translation and (Interpreting) programmes that can include the above factors( at least one of them ). The first point about students' (under and postgraduates) perception about theory is aleardy a good point to consider. It is good to have future translators believe in the utility of theory.

Also, creating a course on project managemnet (translation projects) is a very welcome idea. After all, thsi work pattern does exist already in the world of translation practice. Many job ads require translation project managers, so why cannot we find the tools, contenst and an appropriate pedagogical approach to embed it in the curriculum for final years or MA students? (another solution is to offer it as an optional course and see how is the demand on it) .

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