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Friday, 1 March 2013

This is a course I taught in 2010 for posgraduate students in translation in Morocco. I was a bit surprised when all students in the MA class had never heard of the term. So, I decided to go easy on them  and re-design the course as well as  its activities. I, then, decided to imbed an introductory part to the field to explain the diffrences between ' Translation Theory(ies)' and ' Transaltion Studies'. MA students need and must have a dose of insights from Translation Studies. It is the contents, knowledge and epistimologies highlighted in translation studies as a discipline that could help studenst TO REFLECT on their MA research projects as well as their translation decisions and choices (process part). MA courses should be a polishing phase for the skills and competencies gained at the BA level. At MA level we do more reflection and critical work on texts, including research endeavours.

At the end of the semester, Students gained a conceptual that positioned them in academia and practice. They felt they exist and have an identity (institutionalised in many countries) which they were not aware of. Also, they felt that they can do research on many types of topics not only 'metaphor' or ' grammatical issues' or ' syntactic comparaisons' or ' pragmatic issues...'...they felt they can even do research on their own translation processes, on professional aspects of translation as welll as technology and translation ...ect

It was a rich experience for them.


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