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Saturday, 24 November 2012

 Video about new approaches to learning / teaching.....Learning in and beyond the classroom

The topic is geared to people (teachers, trainers, working personnel in private organisations) who need to make efforts to embrace new working practices and approaches.

The link:

Useful link for translator trainers and researchers to rethink approaching training practices and issues in a translation programme/course.Think about creating a translation certificate or diploma programme for non-traditional students (people already working a freelancers or in-house) to seek further professional development or accreditation ( Obtain a diploma in translation they dont have, for instance).

Also, it may apply for normal MA or BA courses in teaching translation in a bi-modal university (giving both classroom- based  and distance courses), some translational competences could be better enhanced through a learner- centured approach , collaborative in nature (project work in practicums) and supported by educationally sound technology tools, especially web based technologies (e-mails, forums, threads, chats, synchroneous tools).

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