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Sunday, 18 November 2012

On Freelancing Practice in Translation

An online  workshop in tele-translation work (online freelancing) I gave in 2011 . ATIDA ( Arabic Translation an Intercultural Dialogue Association).

Here is the Link to the (prelimenary) syllabus .

Here is the Link to the Power Point docuemnt I used ( The workshop was in Arabic/English/ Use of ArabicDialect (informality allowed given the nature of the intervention). About 48 participants were online. ATIDA decided to offer the course free for promotional reasons. It was a challenge to manage the online facilitation , due to the massive flow of questions I received. So, on the spot I had to pick up (amongst all this flow ONLY relavant questions). From this, I learnt few things I will avoid when I undertake the same workshop either online or face to face ( in a classroom context). Online facilitation or intervention is different than f2f in terms of learning design, teccher's role and teaching/learning physical environment ( Bricks against the online platform  or LMS (Learning managemnet system).

The power point slides :

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