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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Applied Translation studies ( Tranlator training and classroom research)

El karnichi, F. (2012). Issues in sdvsnced translator training at Moroccan universities. Turjuman,21(1), 52-65. Tangiers, Morocco.


Turjuman, Avril 2012, Vol 21 N° 1  p 54 - 67
Issues in advanced translator training programmes at Moroccan universities


Due to the lack of extensive literature on translator education and training at the university level in Morocco, there will be a brief highlight in this article on the situation of the teaching of translation in advanced courses of translation at the Moroccan universities. Reference shall be made to the available local scarce published literature in the country on translation teaching and support it with other publications and experiences in other parts of the world treating the same issue. This will give us a basic picture of the existing situation in the academic corridors in the country. We hope to benefit and cross- check the status of our syllabus, teaching methods and models vis-à-vis the fast growing innovations, findings and approaches in the discipline. The main focus of this article is to highlight one of the challenging issues with the new translator pedagogy: theory and practice within a university level translator training programme.
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