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Sunday, 18 November 2012

 Course Outline from face to face classroom into an online version of the course

As part of teacher training course in Higher Education before I started my PhD (In 2011), I submitted as part of my assignment an innovative type of work consisting in the possibility of converting a course in terminology and documentation given by a professor working in translation and linguistics department here in Montréal (canada). Here is the brief abstract for that mini-paper. I would like to develop it into a paper for publication.

       In this assignment, I will present a course outline designed by a professor in the translation and linguistics department at the Université xxxxxxx for first year undergraduates. It is about Terminology and research documentation. The professor had agreed to use his sample as data for my assignment.
        In the coming paragraphs, I shall discuss the structural aspects of the document as well as analysing components and finalising with an attempt to propose a possibility of using the same course to be delivered online through making adequate justifications and suggestions. Taking the course to an online platform will only be discussed in a glimpse since the main purpose in this assignment is mainly to focus on the main important of an efficient course outline and role of ‘aligning’ the objectives, the learning outcomes and the assessment tasks, as well as analysing those elements of the outline and project my own appreciation of the document based on  new insights from learning theories, instructional design and andragogy (how adults learn) applied to translator or interpreter training.

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